About us

Transformer Agency was established in 2013 by Rein Noordzij. Transformer is a young & dynamic agency with a lot of experience in the market.

We represent the following brands: EXIBIT, Powell and Innocente.
The objective of Transformer Agency is to obtain a position in the stores which is based on mutual partnership with respect that brings out the best possible outcome for both in an environment where the focus is on the customer.

The many changes in the clothing market and especially the growing demand for short-term collections resulted in a search of Transformer Agency for the right partner to respond to these changes.

This partner had to meet a number of criteria, such as a real stylish Italian character, short production lines, excellent pricelevel and a production in Italy made by Italians.
Dewin S.R.L. turned out to be the perfect partner with their brand EXIBIT.  Transformer Agency makes the best selection of the collection which is suitable for the Western European market.
EXIBIT is sold to men’s fashion stores and quality casual jeans stores.

Powell is an Italian trousers specialist homebased in Carrara, Italy. Powell has a very strong eye for beautiful details and superb qualities. Despite these facts Powell knows how to maintain a very sharp pricelevel.

Innocente brings an obtainable and modern tailored suits & shirts collection with an Italian touch. Innocente is for men who know what they want. Beautiful fabrics, well tailored fits, rich in details and yet on a pricelevel you will blink your eyes twice for. This season 7 fabrics were added to the new collection for fall 2015.

What do you need more than a suit that really suits you?